Persian Toot – Mulberry Confections

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Persian Toot – White Mulberry Confection
Tut, Tout, or Toot (mulberry in farsi) is a fruit from the mulberry tree. Persian Toot is a sweet confection of ground almonds, rose water and powdered sugar molded in the shape of mulberries that is traditionally made for Nowrouz (Persian New Year) and wedding ceremonies. These were made for a special someone ♥

White Mulberry Fruit:

They basically look exactly like a blackberry or raspberry except they are white and are native to Eastern and Central China.

Persian Tout:

The recipe is so easy to follow. THERE IS NO BAKING INVOLVED! It is just a little time consuming to shape each one into what is supposed to look like mulberry fruits.

Recipe is as follows (I adapted the recipe and ingredients since we needed to make a lot):

2 cups skinless almonds, ground in a food processor (I used slivered almonds and more like 4 8oz bags of it)
1 1/2 cup confectioners sugar (I used close to 3 cups)
3 tablespoons rose water (I used one 10 fl. oz. bottle)
1 teaspoon ground cardamom (I used 4 tbsp)
Enough slivered almonds to place on top of each


  1. In a bowl combine ground almond, confectioners sugar, cardamon and rose water and work the ingredients into a soft paste. Set it aside for half an hour.
  2. Take a small piece of marzipan, form a ball and shape into a toot (mulberry fruit).
  3. Decorate with dragees, edible glitter or colored granulated sugars if you wish.
  4. Place a slivered pistachio or almond on top of each toot.

Arrange on a candy platter and serve.


We decorated ours with tiny dragees and edible silver glitter :) Pretty rightttt?

For more on how to make these treats, watch this quick tutorial:

Click Link Below:

How to Make Persian Toot


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